Unlimited energy


Convert any space into an electrical installation point.

Benefit from self-consumption.


What is Solarparking?

Solar parking is a pergola or canopy made of galvanized iron and aluminium that has photovoltaic panels placed as a roof. It is a versatile option, since in addition to protecting your vehicle from damaging weather such as sun, rain or snow; it will generate a significant amount of energy totally free so that you can use it both for charging an electric vehicle and for the use in your home or company, achieving considerable money savings on your electricity bill.

The solar pergolas that we install in Solarbyzen are approved by industry and have passed all European quality controls. Solarbyzen only works with top quality materials.


Where can I install my solarparking?

This type of pergola can be mounted practically anywhere, whether in the parking space of your home, in the parking lot of your office / industry, or in any farm / land that has a space enabled for parking vehicles, In addition, it is extremely attractive for the creation of electro lines (electric car charging points), as well as hotel, restaurant or gas station car parks.

What’s more, you could turn your business into a source of income. At Solarbyzen we can advise you on how to do it. The panels that cover a vehicle could produce 2.2kWp which we could design from the individual pergola adapted to your home up to 30 vehicles 65kWp in a supermarket parking lot for example…

At Solarbyzen we do it for you, that is, you can always add more parking spaces and increase the power of our solar installation.

Solar parking is a profitable option when it comes to amortizing the space and costs of your solar installation.


Uses of the solarparking pergola

Electric load vehicle.

Use of electricity generated for home consumption.

Inject electricity into the Grid to make a profit.

Use of the electricity generated for the company for its consumption.

Charge accumulators (lithium batteries) in order to use free energy in your different installations.


Solarbyzen installation and construction company.
You can make the project tailored to your needs.


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